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South Spencer High School Principal Jim Bush addresses public concern on winter and spring sports.

by Kathy Tretter

“We’ve always sold all-sports passes at the beginning of the year,” Bush explained. However, since the administration didn’t even know if they would be able to have sports, it didn’t happen.

Two weeks ago and well into the first semester, the decision was made to sell passes for the remainder of the year, meaning for winter and spring sporting events. Quite a few sold but some remain and are still available. The cost is $70 for adults, $60 for senior citizens and $30 for students. The cost is nonrefundable should sports be canceled mid-season. The only passes remaining are for the upper section.

Bush explained that to keep attendance within CDC guidelines, the gym capacity for boys basketball will be 800 — 650 for the home team and 150 for visitors. That will limit the number to 25% following CDC guidelines.

Any extra tickets can be purchased at the door for $5, but Bush wanted fans to recognize they may be turned away if capacity is reached.

The seats are not reserved per se, but sold for a specific section and the available seats will be marked.

While not as many attendees are expected at the girls basketball games, similar protocols will be observed.

As to swim meets, according to Bush no PAC schools are allowing an audience. Because South Spencer has the glassed, upper level observatory possibly parents will be allowed to watch, “but we’ll wait to gauge with the first event,” Bush explained.

Of course the reason for all the restrictions is the pandemic, and Superintendent Dr. Richard Rutherford noted COVID-19 has spread throughout the county. The number of positive cases involving students is low, but the number of students and staff having to quarantine is high.

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