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Spencer County Real Estate Transfers – February 1, 2021

Spaw Family Holdings, LLC to Ronald L. Smith. Lot 128, Santa Fairway 8th Sub.

Kenneth Boyd and Malcolm Webb to Malin W. Webb. NE s6, t8s, r6w, 1.605 acre, Rockport.

Tom L. and Earnestine Smith to Tristan M. Granderson. SW SE s17, t5s, r5w, 18 acres; SW SE s17, t5s, r5w, two acres, Lamar.

Luis A. and Tiffany D. Martinez to Landon J. and Brittany P. Wilkinson. Pt. s26, t7s, r6w, Rockport.

Carol J. Schipp to Philip Taylor Schipp. SE SE s28, t4s, r4w, 10.560 acres.

Robert I. Shelby to Russell and Nancy A. Segraves. Lot 92, Holly Shores 11th Add.

Timothy R. Yearby to Joshua E. and Rachel Mogan. SE NE s17, t7s, r7w, 0.50 acre, Richland.

DLW Investments, LLC and Donald L. Willis to Shawn and Martha Boggs. NE SW s18, t7s, r7w, 0.2454 acre, Richland.

SMS Price Farms, Inc. to Candace Rininger. SW s24, t5s, r6w, 17.575 acres.

Justin D. and Susan M. Bosley to Clifford Jr. and Ashley R. Stidham. Lot 34, Holly Shore 5th Sub.

Heidi F. Greene to Chris L. and Cathy J. Kirkpatrick. Pt. Inlot 54, William R. Hynes Don., 0.25 acre, Rockport.

Denise R. Garris to Tommyel S. Williams. SW SW s16, t4s, r5w, 0.36 acre, Dale.

Anthony and Stephanie Alvey to Michael G. Broshears. Lot 160, JB Chrisney 4th Add., Chrisney. 

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